Veronica Hsieh


As a college freshman, I often find myself getting tired of eating dining hall food. Although there is a limited selection of nearby restaurants, it can be intimidating to go into the surrounding neighborhood of USC, especially at night. Wishing I could choose from a greater variety, I came up with the idea of having an online service which allows a person to make specific food preferences and see what restaurants are available that are most convenient for the student. The option to order online also makes this site more convenient for users.
This service will originate at the University of Southern California. If successful, hopefully this service will spread throughout the country and be available for every university. This website will be positive for restaurants and students alike: local food places will receive exposure and increased amount of business while students will have more eating options at their convenience. Whether a student wants to go out to eat for a special occasion or they  are in desperate need of a late night snack, this site will be helpful for all instances.